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Spirits of Mexico NY
New York, NY
October 13, 2011

Leo DeGroff

Dedicated to the art of the cocktail, Leo DeGroff has been traveling since the age of 18, preparing cocktails beside his father, Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff

Leo has worked for other industry experts as well, like Audrey Saunders, Gary Regan, Will Shine and Aisha Sharpe, and has prepared gourmet cocktails aboard private yachts, and at celebrity parties here and abroad, (including Oprah’s Legends party, Sex and the City and Sweet Charity cast parties). Leo has offered his services to numerous charity events including Save Our Strength, Meals on Wheels, Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, and the James Beard Awards Gala. From this he has gained vast experience in handling behind the scenes prep work for large, high profile events that entailed producing fresh squeezed gourmet cocktails in heavy volume.

Taking it to the next level, Leo began working the front bar as well as presenting cocktails at various events including the Aspen Classic and the Museum of the American Cocktail. He is now one of the outstanding mixologists at BED-NY, New York’s hottest lounge /club/restaurant offering rooftop dining and indoor and rooftop cocktail bars that attract a steady stream of celebrities and media attention. Here, he has had the opportunity to focus on developing some original cocktails, many of which are finding their way to the creative and constantly changing cocktail menu. Having successfully completed the Beverage Alcohol Resource, the nation’s top industry training program, Leo plans to continue his work at BED while pursuing freelance opportunities that permit him to bring his wonderful libations to the rest of the world.