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Terry Jones, Judge

Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a Regional Manager (Venice FL environs) for Orlando-based ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Florida’s oldest and largest independent wine and spirits retailer. Terry manages the Venice store, which is one of the top stores for the 150-store chain.

Terry started his career in the spirits business while in college, and has been with ABC Fine Wine & Spirits since 1999. He was a manager for J D Penguin’s nightclub, and store manager since 2002. An appreciation for the finer points of rum tasting was enhanced by a tour of the Captain Morgan distillery several years ago. While Terry won’t claim to be an expert on rum – “you have to know something about everything in this business” – years of experience in both tasting and selling it have definitely made him an aficionado--a rum “guru” if you will.

Terry lives in Venice, Florida, with his wife and children.