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Spirits of Mexico NY
New York, NY
October 13, 2011

Liquid Living Magazine

Jack Robertiello, Drinks Ink

Jack Robertiello is a well-known expert in the world of spirits and mixology. One of the lead judges in the Polished Palate Spirits of Mexico since its inauguration, he’s also lead judge at the Polished Palate’s International Rum Festival and a judge at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge, two ground-breaking competitions. He also judged for two years at the San Francisco Spirits Competition.

A frequent speaker at conferences and meetings, Robertiello also gives private classes and seminars on the way to taste spirits like a professional, especially focusing on rum and tequila. He tastes hundreds of spirits annually, and has been an advisor to spirit companies, importers, marketers and publicists about spirits and wine. Robertiello and partner Robert Plotkin recently launched the all-day seminar program, “Successful Beverage Management,” designed to educate beverage professionals, including managers and bartenders, on how to develop and maintain profitable beverage programs at bars and restaurants.

Former editor of Cheers magazine, he’s written about food, wine and spirits for numerous magazines, newspapers and websites. He currently writes about spirits and cocktails for Nightclub & Bar Magazine, mixology for the Mix newsletter, spirits and wine for Beverage Media, wine for Nation’s Restaurant News, and spirits, wine, mixology and food for Flavor and the Menu. He also is the author of “Mangia: The Best Italian Food In NYC.”

He can be reached at applejak@earthlink.net