International Rum Festival 2008


Trade Show (2 pm – 4 pm) attendees,
first-come first-served, no fee. 

Rum Festival ( 7 pm on) offered on a first-come first-served basis as seating is limited. VIP’s @ no charge. General Admissions (pending space availability) $10 per seminar (cash at reception only)

Note: Seminar times may change

Benjamin Mélin-Jones
Clement USA

French Rhums of Martinique

Ian Williams

A History of Rum

Ian Williams is author of ‘rum: a social and sociable history of the real spirit of 1776’. This often rollicking page-turner, quite an achievement for a non-fiction ‘thriller’, traces the root of all rums (rhums, cachacas, aguardientes) from the first planting of sugar cane.

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Olie Berlic
President, Excalibur Enterprise

Brazil ’s Sexy Spirit—Cachacas Real Story

An exploration of beaches and sugarcane, the quest for knowledge, and attempts to avoid hangover… Get the real story about what this 470-year-old spirit is, from one of the sexiest countries in the world. Taste fresh sugarcane and exotic wood, discover what all the hype is about--you decide.  If you are a professional who shakes, serves and sells quality spirits, these 45 minutes are a must!

Jerri Banks

Clear As Day, Dark As Night

Join us as we journey through the many faces of rhum, ron, & rum to the alluring expression of Cachaca and the haunting aromatics of Pisco in cocktails from the classic to the sublime.

Cuca Fresca Cachaca , Mount Gay Rum , Ocucaje Pisco

Gary Nelthropp
8th Generation Rum Maker & President of Cruzan


Mr. Nelthropp will take us through the process of making fine rum, from the first cutting of the Sugar Cane to the final ageing.

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