4th Annual International Rum Tasting Competition

The Polished Palate is pleased to announce the
4th Annual International Rum Tasting Competition
taking place in Ybor City on
Thursday and Friday, March 26 & 27 2008.

While there are other judging platforms, the Polished Palate Tasting Competition (formerly called the International Cane Spirits Festival® in 2006 and 2007) is the first competition for sugar cane-based spirits in the United States.

Polished Palate Rum competitions take place in Ybor City. In 2006, 58 brands were judged. In 2007, 80 brands were judged. In 2008, the competition included a total of 150 entries, of which 148 were sugar cane-based. The 2008 competition was the largest held to-date in the USA. 2008 Results

As in 2007 & 2008, the competition co-hosts are Jack Robertiello and Robert Plotkin