Spirits of Mexico

Anticipated Media Coverage

Sunday September 6


Good Morning San Diego
Guest: Jesus Becerra, Chef, Old Town Mexican Café
Segment time: 9:40am

Tuesday September 8

CW 6 San Diego Living Show

Guest: Isabella Cruz
Segment: 9 am hour

Fox 5 Morning News Show

Guests: Mario Echanove, Master Distiller
Carmen Villarreal, Owner
Casa San Matias Tequila
Segment time: 8:50am

NBC 7/39 News in the Morning

Guest: Phillip Soto Mares “Felipe”, Master Distiller, El Duende Tequila Inc.
Guest: Charlotte Voisey, Spirits of Mexico Competition Judge, Master Mixologist, Milagro Tequila
Segment time: 6:15 am

KUSI 9 Good Morning San Diego

Guest: Raul Suarez, Aroma Tequila, Sponsor
Guest: Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez y Los Alacranes
‘Chunky’ performs at the Main Event Saturday evening at the NTC Promenade McMillin Event Center
Segment time: 9 am hour




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