More than $30,000 of world class agave spirits will be auctioned both 'live' and 'silent' at the Spirits of Mexico Awards Dinner and Main Event.



More than 100 bottles, valued over $10,000—and other items are available for your bidding pleasure at the Main Event!

A residential treatment facility located on 3,000 acres in Harding County South Dakota and Carter County Montana, Sky Ranch for Boys employs a staff of 38 and cares for approximately 40 boys at a time.

Since 1960, Sky Ranch for Boys has been giving troubled kids a second chance. With the financial backing of the Sky Ranch Foundation and its network of contributors, Sky Ranch today is a 3,000 acre working ranch, a licensed special education school and an inspiration to those who know and understand its special work.

We appreciate the support from each of the Spirits Companies making donations to our Silent Auction.  

Some Auction Items are hand-signed by the Master Tequilero. Below is just a small sample of the world’s best agave spirits and other items available for bidding at the Main Event, Saturday evening, September 18 at The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant at Fiesta de Reyes in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Below are only a few selections for your bidding pleasure

T1 Tequila Uno

From Master Distiller Germán González Gorrochotegui

The 1st Barrel of t1-Tequila Uno’s ‘Build a Barrel Program’ was donated and dedicated at the 2009 Spirits of Mexico Festival for the Sky Ranch Foundation

We visited Germán’s distillery and selected the barrel in which this very special Reposado has rested. Thanks to our bidders, 9 six-pack cases have been sold and only twenty-one (21) remain available. Be the first to own this # 1 in a series!


Making its debut at the 2010 Spirits of Mexico Festival

Tequila Crotalo Plata is triple distilled and rested for 45 days in oak barrels. Crotalo Reposado is rested well over the 2 month minimum; it’s rested for 11 months in oak barrels. Crotalo Anejo aged just over 2 years in oak barrels.


We first tasted these gems at the Spirits of Mexico Event at Toloache Mexican Bistro in NYC in April 2010. Alma De Agave Silver is tenderly aged for fifty days, maintaining its pure and natural structure and slightly softening its sharp taste to a fruity fresh flavor. The clean aroma and sweet finish can be drank alone, on the rocks or perfectly blended with a citrus mixed for a delicious margarita.

Alma De Agave Reposado is a six month aged tequila matured in naturally treaded oak barrels giving it pure and rich agave flavor.

Alma De Agave Añejo is the perfect delight for the vintage tequila lover. It is matured in oak barrels for eighteen months producing a bold honey taste, with a natural wood scented aroma. It is extra smooth and is best enjoyed neat at room temperature or enhanced with dairy and sweet ingredients such as a Tequila Alexander.


Chinaco Blanco Tequila speaks pure agave. It speaks of its earthy aromas. Dry but rich and full-bodied, its recalls a freshly planted garden just after the first rain. This style is carried meticulously through the Reposado and Anejo expressions, an art form performed by generations of the Gonzalez family .



Lunazul, which literally translates as ‘blue moon’, won Best of Category awards out of a field of almost 50 agave spirit entries in the ‘09 New York Spirits Awards and both the Blanco and Reposado garnered a clean sweep at the Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition ’09 too. Lunazul Blanco has a ‘wafting bouquet with a long lasting citrusy, peppery and herbaceous finish’; the Reposado has ‘a delicate and fruity nose offering aromatics reminiscent of baked or grilled pineapple’, as noted by Spirits of Mexico co-Host Robert Plotkin / Bar Media .

La Certeza, for ‘certain’ took awards at the Spirits of Mexico competition last year as well. La Certeza Blanco carries the purest agave flavor through, with hints of pepper and citrus. The Reposado has us wading into butterscotch, vanilla and roasted cinnamon notes. My OH MY OH that Anejo-the most elegant & complex of the range, swirls with roasted pepper, toasted almonds & vanilla.


Available currently in limited distribution, Tierras is distilled at the Autentica Tequilera in Jalisco, Mexico and is made from 100% ORGANIC Blue Agave. Tierras is available in three expressions Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. Tequila Tierras - with the USDA organic label, awards, and all the support and excitement surrounding the brand - is not only the most socially conscious spirits decision you will make, but one that will be thoroughly enjoyable to your palate!


 Teteo means ‘of the Gods’ in the ancient language of Nahuatl. The Indian tribes in Pre-Columbian Mexico believed that it was important to be as one with the Gods. To reach this euphoria, they used the agave juices for ceremonial purposes. To continue the tradition, Teteo tequila is made from the juices of only the finest agave produced in the ‘Tequila’ region of Mexico, where this beverage originated. (Produced and bottled by: NOM 1556, Tequila 3 Reales de Jalisco, S.A. de C.V. )


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