KAH Tequila—A Dawning In the Spirits World

An attention to craftsmanship in distilling and a bottle rooted in historic symbolism breathes new life into the tequila drinking experience

March 1, 2010, Los Angeles, California —Though many great tequilas—many of these in great bottles—abound, there is nothing quite like KAH Tequila, which arrives at retailers and restaurants for spring. This is an auspicious time for parent company Elements Spirits to launch KAH, as it has its cultural roots in Aztec and Meso-American observances of Day of the Dead, which in turn represents rebirth and new beginnings.

In rural Mexico, where Day of the Dead is very much an institution, people visit the cemetery to not only honor the past but celebrate everything that makes life good, including the favorite foods of their loved ones. KAH Tequila’s bottle captures that enduring spirit, from the exquisitely rendered skull shape to the motifs and flourishes that adorn it. The tequila inside, meanwhile, continues the theme, as the distillers have lovingly transformed agave from the earth into lively Blanco, Reposado and Anejo varieties.

“Elements Spirits is the only producer that takes the tequila experience beyond the bottle and the glass,” affirms Kim Brandi, CEO Elements Spirits, Inc. “It’s one thing for a spirit to be “the life of the party” it’s another thing to be the spirit that represents “life” in all of its sensory glory. It's not about celebrating 'Death', but celebrating LIFE. KAH was specially created to represent the celebration of Life.”

Kah Tequila Blanco, perfectly suited for both classic cocktails of the past and newborn creations, is characterized by its aromatic immediate full agave rush, followed by a spicy white pepper punch and an unusual pumpkin-floral finish. Kah Tequila’s Reposado is universally pleasing, with its perfect balance of sweet notes, oak and agave. Kah Anejo, meanwhile, could emerge as a connoisseur favorite with its subtle wood notes, smooth body, vanilla spice hints and sweet melon finish. Through the artistry and individual statements each incarnation of KAH Tequila, there lies the added benefit of its certified organic manufacture. Furthermore, the KAH Blanco being certified Kosher opens the spirit up to new audiences and all ages.

"I was very impressed with the concept,” says Chris Melendez, COO Elements Spirits, Inc. “ The quality of KAH’s tequilas is among the best I have ever tasted.  This combined with a bottle that penetrates a wide spectrum of demographics is very exciting.  The product easily fits in the House of Blues, or a Mexican Grandmother's kitchen.  This isn't just another new tequila."

Indeed…KAH is “Life,” not just in the Mayan language, but in its presentation and versatility.

About Elements Spirits, Inc.

Mixing quality and innovation with culture and heritage: Elements Spirits’ “cocktail” for success.

Elements Spirits’, a California Corporation and producer of KAH Tequila, foundation rests on its team’s interlocking strengths: tight collaboration, fresh ideas, branding expertise, industry experience, and seasoned management.

Elements Spirits’ value is founded in a business posture that embraces innovation dedication, and integrity, at both business and personal levels. This mind-set is represented by an uplifting approach that is reflected in the product branding and resonates from the Founder’s level through distribution networks and on to consumers.

Elements Spirits’ strategy is to establish strong visual branding that is edgy, but culturally very traditional. Always enticing product presentation, while holding steadfast to a standard of product quality, which exceeds price.

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