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Build a Barrel Program

Germán Gonzalez Gorrochotegui, the master tequilero, Ryan Hutchins, a well known and respected tequila connoisseur, and Kay Olsen, who has helped introduce several super premium tequilas in the U.S. market, are now partnered together to create and introduce t1 – Tequila Uno, a new and exciting tequila line. It will be gently rolled out in 2009 and expanded in 2010.

The brand will feature 2 Blancos (extra puro and mature), Reposado (excepcional), Anejo, Single Barrel Anejo and eventually an Extra Anejo. t1 – Tequila Uno will be available in two stunning bottle types – an elegant glass decanter and a limited edition hand-blown, individually numbered crystal decanter.

A third, ultra exclusive option for purchasing t1 – Tequila Uno will be available with limited edition barrels – in our unique to the world – Build a Barrel program. This process is as follows:

  • A consumer or retailer will work exclusively with the Master Tequilero to create their own barrel of t1 – Tequila Uno .
    • The purchaser goes to the distillery in Mexico and meets with the Master Tequilero who guides the purchaser through the process.
      • The purchaser may pick out the barrel of their choice –
        • French oak, American oak, new oak, used oak whatever.
        • They then watch it being filled with t1- Tequila Uno .
        • They then assist in closing and sealing the barrel
        • The purchaser and Master Tequilero then determine whether the brand will be a Reposado, Anejo or Extra Anejo and set a date for its uncorking.
        • The barrel is then signed by both the Master Tequilero and the purchaser and the date for uncorking stamped on the barrel. The barrel is then layed aside to age

Key Facts

    • Suggested Shelf price/Retail - $64.99 per bottle ($389.94 per case) or approximately $14,427 a barrel
    • Barrel is equal to or greater than 220 bottles or 37 cases – depending how much goes to the ‘angels’ while aging.
    • Payment will be 1/3 when ordered / 1/3 at the ½ aging mark and 1/3 when shipped to the purchaser.
    • At the time of the uncorking, the barrel is unsealed and the product is corrected to 80 proof if so desired (may include ‘marrying’ with water).
  • The liquid is bottled in t1 – Tequila Uno packaging. This could be the glass decanter or for an extra fee, placed into the crystal decanters with the t1 – Tequila uno label.
  • An additional necker/or identification – with the purchasers name and information - will be placed on each bottle and on each case and signed by the Master Tequilero.
  • The tequila is then shipped to the purchaser through proper channels – which in the United States includes distributor and retailer – along with the now empty barrel.
All legal compliance will be adhered to and for more information, please contact us at www.t1tequila.com or here in the United States, please call Ryan Hutchins at 440-992-7710 or Kay Olsen at 860-404-1776 .
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