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Worms are for Wimps!

The scorpion as king?

Scorpion Mezcal

Mezcal had a bum rap. Until recently, we could understand the criticisms. But, the lure of that worm (who among you hasn’t attempted to ‘down the worm’?

Enter the scorpion. Scorpions are good for you? The Scorpion King one-upped the Survivor Food Challenges by eating a live, poisonous scorpion. The Chinese, who serve these buggers swathed in chocolate, believe that scorpions reputedly have excellent health-giving properties (we still don’t know what they are). There’s even a website dedicated to the ingesting of arachnids, B.A.B.E.S. (Bay Area Bug Eating Society). One devotee wrote “At one cart (in Thailand), I found what was probably the most tasty of all the bugs…The abdomen was very large…about the size of two thumbs, and the meat was very tender like a tater tot…I ate the scorpion from the tail…I have to admit, the scorpion tasted better than any insect that I had tried”

Most people are not very fond of scorpions, inhabitants of this planet for at least 100 million years. But, Caballeros Inc, Importers of Scorpion Mezcal are betting that the scorpion (exo skeleton only) bathing in their bottlings of Scorpion Mezcal will entice even the most abashed of consumers to test their mettle, at least with the delicious fluid surrounding its new habitat.

Scorpion 7 year AnejoScorpion Mezcal, a premium quality 100% agave spirit, is artisan-made in single barrel bottling. All Scorpion mezcals carry the scorpion, including the Blanco, Reposado, 1 and 3 yr. Anejos. Their 5 and 7 Year Old bottlings carry the Grandaddy types. And, it’s creating more than a little sting.

Food & Wine Magazine hailed it as the Spirit of the Year (mezcal category). Newsweek recently reported, “Sorry, guys. Eating the worm doesn't make you cool. But it shows you're savvy enough to sample tequila's older brother, mescal…only recently has the quality stuff come stateside. But beware Scorpion…which lives up to its name”. And, the LA Times, “Mezcal is finally being treated like the class act it is, and it’s making its way north of the border”.

Barbara Sweetman, VP Marketing says, “It tastes great (the mezcal, that is), and, it’s a novelty gift, perhaps for those Scorpions out there” (Sales are anticipated to rise during the latter part of October and early November). While the importers do not advocate eating the actual scorpion, they state, “if you must eat it, chew it properly and adequately before swallowing”.

Be forewarned though. In Islam, numerous Hadith enumerate the virtues of kindness toward animals. It does not follow that they should be slaughtered. However, Allah’s apostle said, “Five kinds of animals are harmful and can be killed, among them the scorpion”.

For a retailer near you, visit www.scorpionmezcal.com